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I am new to yoga and recently connected with Peaceful Baker. Irene's class is a perfect introduction to both poses and yoga philosophy. In a relatively short time, I have increased my flexibility and strength. My early yoga experience has helped relieve stress. Irene is always willing to answer any questions I may have no matter how basic. I highly recommend the Peaceful Baker classes. 


I'm hooked! I start my day with a fresh, relaxed mindset after a session with Irene. She perfectly blends challenge with stillness -- and her instructions are clear and easy to follow. I am always looking forward to our next class.


What a great way to start the day! I’ve been practicing yoga with Irene on Tuesdays for a few months now and it’s my favorite morning of the week! I am a certified yoga teacher myself and really appreciate how well she plans her classes so that the poses unfold in a safe and meaningful way. She builds on each posture so that the body warms up well before opening fully. She explains the poses carefully and clearly and always offered modifications such as ideas or props such as blankets and blocks to help the student move in a way that is safe and beneficial. Teaching (as well as practicing yoga) on Zoom isn’t easy and she is intuitive about helping her students, whether they are beginner or advanced, get the most out of their practice. I’ve been practicing for yoga for a long time and appreciate how she varies her classes to keep them interesting, and incorporates the philosophy of yoga into the movements as it is so much more than just exercise. Thank you Irene!


I discovered yoga during the 2020 pandemic and it all started with Irene and chair yoga. It was a way to connect with friends, family and community as well as a way to stay relaxed and sane. I have also joined Irene’s mat yoga classes and even though I am a complete beginner she is a patient and generous teacher - and all via Zoom!


I was never much into yoga. I would dabble, do a class here and there over the years, but it never became part of my routine or something I made time for. I started taking yoga classes with Irene when she first started offering them during quarantine; it seemed like a great way to support Irene and connect with people outside my household. Quickly, Peaceful Baker Yoga has become an integral part of my day. I now make the time to do yoga.  I start each day focusing on myself both in mind and body. 

Irene’s teaching style is approachable and relatable. She provides modifications for those who need, she offers options based on your ability and comfort level. Irene’s cueing is so on-point that I don’t have to be watching what she’s doing and still be on track. With steady reminders to breathe and focus on your intentions, as well as a focus on form and postures, Peaceful Baker Yoga is how I wake up my mind and body each day


I feel so lucky to have Irene as my yoga teacher and I have benefitted so much these last 6 months from her morning remote practices. It was hard for me to imagine that remote classes could be done so well but Irene makes this happen. Irene gives very clear directions so I never need to watch her which helps me concentrate so much more. She is always warm and cheerful, even at 5:15 a.m. and offers a choice of times and practices. Irene provides many alternatives in poses so that no matter what level you are you can benefit. I always feel refreshed and renewed after my classes with Irene.


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